Agricam logoInnovation is a key driver of Agri-MC and we’ve developed Agricam to showcase our audio visual offerings to our customers. As well as high definition videos and photographs that can be used in a multitude of areas, Agricam have a range of other innovative offerings. We conduct 360 degree photography which allows the web user to move the camera around a scene and view from many different angles. This can be used to visually compare products in the field and then can be overlaid with trial results and other information which may be useful to the viewer. Our interactive web pages allows the user to read brochures online by turning pages and also click on elements such as movie files for more information. Other areas of innovation include time lapse photography which can be used to compare growth rates of different plants, the effectiveness of various attractant products or even the speed of other products such as herbicides.

High quality photography for use in brochures, news articles and on posters or display stands is an extremely important part of marketing a product. A quality shot is much more likely to be picked up by a media outlet and attract customers to the product. Photographs taken are in high resolution and of a quality that can be used for any purpose. We have travelled extensively around Australia and New Zealand on behalf of our clients and also have a wide range of stock shots of different crops and industries.

Click on the images below for some examples.



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