Introducing Agri-MC Marketing and Communications

Agri-MC is a marketing and communications company specialising in agriculture. We offer a wide range of services to assist companies and organisations succeed in an industry that has faced rapid transformation in recent years. The strength of Agri-MC is our knowledge of many aspects of agriculture and our innovative solutions for a range of marketing and communication needs.

We enjoy working with our clients as business partners and creating marketing campaigns from development through to evaluation. Agri-MC is committed to the agricultural industry and enthusiastic about its future.

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Agri-MC design effective cross-media campaigns to best target our client’s customer base. We can negotiate excellent terms to ensure your campaigns are effective and within your budget. We also have acomprehensive email data base of regional media outlets throughout Australia and regularly send out media releases on behalf of clients. Each media outlet on our database has been categorised according to industry type in the surrounding area to ensure only relevant media releases are sent to those areas.  This ensures media releases have a greater chance of being utilised by the outlet. Articles supplied by Agri-MC have been extensively used by newspapers.

Creating Testimonials and Editorials

Testimonials are an extension of one of the most powerful communication tools – word of mouth. Your customer has had success with your product and here is an opportunity to shout it from the rooftop. We travel to interview them in their own environment, take high definition video footage, high resolution photographs and capture the reasons your product worked so well.
• The video footage is edited and available for your website, Youtube, presentations  and a range of other uses.
• The interview and photographs are produced into an article to be sent to media  outlets and used in publications and on websites.


 Find out more about your customers, your products and your opposition using our  market research facilities.
We conduct research projects on behalf of clients that can include phone, email or  face-to-face interviews with their current or potential customers. These can be one-on-one or in group sessions. Our commitment to supply high quality, relevant data and analysed results has allowed our clients make better informed decisions about their products.

Publications and Design


Our innovative and practical design team can assist in communicating effectively with your customers. From a one-off job through to a completely integrated campaign, we can produce brochures, advertisements, web sites, business cards, posters, letterheads and much, much more.

Delivering high quality design to suit your timeframe and budget is our priority.

Among the many publications produced by Agri-MC are the following.

Canola News – published on  behalf of the Australian Oilseeds Federation (to read the latest copy click here

The Cob – published on behalf of the Australian Maize Association (to read the latest copy click here)

Land for Wildlife – published on behalf of the Victorian Government (to read the latest copy click here)

The Forage Advisor – published on behalf of Seed Distributors (to read the latest copy click here)

The Lucerne Advisor -published on behalf of Seed Distributors (to read the latest copy click here)

Clearfield Canola Challenge – published on behalf of Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia (to read the latest copy click here)



Agricam logoInnovation is a key driver of Agri-MC and we’ve developed Agricam to showcase our audio visual offerings to our customers. As well as high definition videos and photographs that can be used in a multitude of areas, Agricam have a range of other innovative offerings. We conduct 360 degree photography which allows the web user to move the camera around a scene and view from many different angles. This can be used to visually compare products in the field and then can be overlaid with trial results and other information which may be useful to the viewer. Our interactive web pages allows the user to read brochures online by turning pages and also click on elements such as movie files for more information. Other areas of innovation include time lapse photography which can be used to compare growth rates of different plants, the effectiveness of various attractant products or even the speed of other products such as herbicides.

High quality photography for use in brochures, news articles and on posters or display stands is an extremely important part of marketing a product. A quality shot is much more likely to be picked up by a media outlet and attract customers to the product. Photographs taken are in high resolution and of a quality that can be used for any purpose. We have travelled extensively around Australia and New Zealand on behalf of our clients and also have a wide range of stock shots of different crops and industries.

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